Admissions now open for Motor Technician Program

Urgent need for Highly Skilled Technical Manpower in India

India’s automobile industry is amongst the fastest growing in the world. Maintaining continuous high growth calls for good supply of resources like adequate investment, latest technology, skilled manpower and a lot more. Among all of these finding skilled manpower is one aspect that is most difficult to address. Problems exist both in terms of quality and quantity.

Firstly speaking of quality, a large portion of graduates from existing vocational training institutes are not readily employable and need to be trained further to be employable. They lack the skills required by the industry. This is because many of the existing institutes lack the infrastructure and latest effective training tools to train students.

Secondly in terms of quantity, by 2022 India will need almost 25-30 million skilled manpower for its automobile industry. This target is hard to achieve with the current training facilities available in India.

To cater to the rising needs of highly skilled manpower for India’s automobile industry, National Technical Institute aims to play a major role by providing the best vocational level technical education available in India.